What our patients are saying

My experience was amazing, Stephanie and Deb are two of the kindest people to work with. They truly care about the client’s well-being and success rate. IASIS is an amazing tool to open the brain to be able to regain and structure the path for a new beginning with whatever the person may be struggling with. It is also important to do the therapy work along with the treatment and to do your own self-work to gain the best possible outcome. All the tools work hand in hand.

Ronnie R., Baldwin County, AL

I have NEVER experienced this much peace, clarity, and calmness since I can remember. I feel like a new person. I would like to say the “old me”, but I truly don’t remember what that is like. I’ve struggled with mental health since I was 13. This therapy is a game changer. I am beyond thankful for y’all and this therapy!

Shelley H., Fairhope, AL

I really can’t remember a time when all of my thoughts and decisions DIDN’T include looping and noise from the committee living in my head. I assumed that was how everyone’s brains worked. Eating disorders and OCD joined the party around eighth and ninth grades, and then at eighteen, I was given my first depression diagnosis. With that setup, it should come as no surprise that adulthood, chronic illness, and trauma galore would bring me to my knees, both literally and figuratively. Up until the pandemic pause, I had myself convinced that I was managing my mental health fairly well after stepping into my healing season, never realizing that I was having to make my “peace bubble” smaller and smaller in order to handle an anxious mind in an unpredictable world. My fight-or-flight response was always lurking just under the surface and kept rearing its ugly head at triggers I hadn’t even realized existed. Thankfully, a conversation with my friend, Stephanie, toward the end of summer about our shared love of neuroscience led me to a treatment that has done more to help me in four sessions than anything else I have ever tried! And I’m WAAAY too excited about it to keep quiet any longer!! There are not enough words (and that’s coming from a woman who LOVES words) to explain the freedom of thought that I’m FINALLY getting a taste of!! SO MUCH energy has always been eaten up by my anxiety and depression! It’s frustrating as hell! But, now… I’m busy imagining what all I’ll be able to accomplish with this reset for my battle-weary brain! If y’all wanna ask me anything about my experience with IASIS, you know I’m pretty much an open book, just shoot me a message. As far as any “official” information goes, though, I’ll be happy to pass along Stephanie’s contact info for you to reach out to her for a consultation. I have NEVER had more hope in treatment and am convinced that this could bring tremendous, positive changes in mental health care! #mentalhealthmatters #cantstopsmiling

Jennifer G, Fairhope, AL