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Our holistic approach is based on a client-specific protocol. We review the history and severity of symptoms, analyze lifestyle habits, and evaluate complementary therapies when needed. Using a methodology such as this which focuses on the “whole person” allows us to be extremely dynamic in our approach to clients.

Deb and Stephanie - Neuroflourish

Neuroflourish is a company founded by licensed professional therapists here on the gulf coast. Our goal is to transform the lives of people suffering from debilitating conditions such as anxiety, depression, migraines, sleeping disorders, and trauma, using our revolutionary IASIS MCN technology. Our expectation is to contribute to the healing of every single symptom, for every single client we treat, and our work ethic and commitment to each client will always reflect those expectations.

Stephanie Williamson LPC, MA, ICP


Stephanie Williamson
Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, ICP

Deborah Hopkins, ICP


Deborah Hopkins
IASIS Certified Provider

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